Welcome to the Stover Fair
Big Kids Pedal Pull
New this year to the fair is a big kids pedal pull.
Using the same kind of pedal tractor as the kids'
pull, this is the chance for the adults to earn
braggin' rights. Boys, girls, men and women can
enter. Pull divisions are as follows: girls ages 11
to 13; boys ages 11 to 13; girls ages 14 to 17;
boys ages 14 to 17; women ages 18 to 24; men
ages 18 to 24; women ages 24 to 45; men ages 24
to 45;
women over 45; men over 45. Sign-ups
begin at 6 p.m.
Sponsored by Thrivent Financial,
we hope to establish this as one of the "can't
miss" events at the fair every year.