General Parking
Most of the parking at the fair will be in the parking lot of the Morgan County R-1 school. Shuttles
will be available to provide rides from the parking lot to the fairgrounds and back again. Go north
on Oak Street from Hwy 52 to get to the parking lot. Legion Drive through the park will be closed
to traffic after 5:00 p.m., with access only available to the workers and to the entertainers.

Quilt Show Parking
During the day until 5:00 p.m., parking  for the Quilt Show will be at the Stover Community
Center parking lot. There are three Handicap spaces at the east end of the building.

Handicap Parking
Handicap parking will be in the paved lot at the west end of the Community Center. A valid
handicap permit will be necessary to access this lot. To enter, either take Ash Street or Oak Street
to Seventh street and turn in on Legion drive to the lot entrance.  
Welcome to the Stover Fair
Parking at the Fair
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