We want to give you, Stover and the surrounding community, the types of events and
entertainment that you want to see at our fair. We could do the same old thing again but while we
want to respect tradition, we also want to make our fair new and exciting and achieve the best
blend between new and old that we can. Because you know what you want to see better than we
know what you want to see, we are asking you to tell us what you think would be a good addition
to next years fair. Just give us the ideas and we will work on the rest. There is no guarantee that
we will be able to bring your suggestion to the fair because there are always details regarding
scheduling, suitability, available area in the park and, of course, cost. Regardless of that, if the
idea seems good enough we will do our best to make it a reality.

There are many good ideas floating around that we have to sift through. Perhaps you would
rather hear a 50s and 60s oldies band instead of country, or maybe classic rock. Instead of a
band, you might want to see a magician one night. Maybe a freestyle motocross demonstration
would excite you or a Harley Race wrestling event. All of these things are possible if the
circumstances are right.

Please send us an email at: info@stoverfair.org to provide your input.   
Welcome to the Stover Fair
You Talk, We Listen