Original Car, 1900-1935
Original Car, 1936-1941
Original Car, 1942-1950
Original Car, 1951-1978
Original Car, 1979-Present
Factory Muscle Stock, 2000-Present
Modified, 1900-1959
Modified, 1960-1979
Modified, 1980-1999
Original Truck, All Years
Modified Truck, all years
Rat Rod, All Years
Ugliest, All Years

*Original Categories are allowed three (3)
changes ONLY in paint, chrome and interior*

8 a.m.-11 a.m.       REGISTRATION and

Noon                     DOOR PRIZE GIVEAWAY

1:00 p.m.               AWARDS
Welcome to the Stover Fair
Stover Fair Car Show

The Stover Fair Car Show admission is FREE!
The entry fee is only $20, up to and including
the day of the show. The entry form is available
HERE and you can download a flier HERE.

Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in
all categories. The "Best of Show" trophy
winner will be determined by the judges and
selected from the first place winners in each
class. The Fair Board trophy will be awarded
by the Stover Fair President.

For questions not covered here, contact Larry
Monroe at 573-378-0178.
Other Information
And we have the
hot cars
Look at the examples below, you have all seen
stuff like this on the internet. This is Yankee
Ingenuity with a redneck twist. We would like
to make this a judged class but we need more
entries. There are a lot of Good Old Boys in the
area that have cutting torches and welders so
this is a challenge for them to cut loose and
show us what you can do!
Redneck Rides
2017 Winners