Welcome to the Stover Fair
Charlie Myrick
On Friday night the Stover Fair will welcome world class
magician Charlie Myrick.

Charlie has performed his magic for kids and adults all over the
world. He has performed for over 8 million students worldwide
as well as appeared on many national TV shows.

A native of Chillicothe, Missouri, he became hooked on magic at
a young age and through hard work and perseverance took his
craft around the globe and to the top of the magic world.

Charlie was able to capture of the title of World Champion
Escape Artist in 1977 and will return to that competition as a
judge later this year.

He has been honored with his own star on Magic Walk of Fame
in Colon, Michigan.

These days he is mostly retired from big tours and shows but he
still performs occasionally and likes to perform in elementary
schools as the Motivational Master of Magic. Charlie promotes
reading, respect for each other and teachers, anti-bullying, anti
gang and drug culture in students lives, and how to make dreams
come true. Charlie leaves students with a message to believe in
themselves and their abilities to follow their dreams.