A popular event at the Fair is the Garden Tractor Pull.
Pulling begins at 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon and
contestants should arrive at least an hour before that to get
signed in. No downloadable entry form has been provided.
The track will be between the ball field and the tennis court.
It is $10 a hook and all of the classes and rules are:

Stock 23-inch tire, 4,000 rpm with a 10-inch hitch, five
12 horsepower, 800-pound maximum weight
10 horsepower, 950 pounds
12 horsepower, 950 pounds
10 horsepower, 1,050 pounds
14 horsepower, 1,050 pounds.

Stock 26-inch tire, 4,000 rpm with a 13 inch hitch, 18
horsepower, 1,050 pounds.

Hot stock 26-inch tire, 13 inch hitch, three classes;
14 horsepower, 950 pounds
14 horsepower, 1,050 pounds
18 horsepower, 1,050 pounds

Stock-altered, 26 inch tire, 1,000 pounds, two classes;
30 cubic inch
Other classes may be added as needed

To qualify tractors must have a dead man device and
wheelie bars no shorter than 5 inches behind the tires and no
higher than five inches off the ground. Stock classes may
have a weight bracket no longer than 10 inches in the front of
the grill.

For more information, call Kris Monsees at 660-619-1779
or Chad Roberts 573-569-2661
Welcome to the Stover Fair
Garden Tractor Pull